Why I Vote Today


Today I will vote.  I haven’t been voting long, not because of my lack of interest, but because I became an American citizen in late 2004. Prior to that, I could express my opinion and comment on candidates and issues, but I could not cast my vote. Our political system is not perfect and our elected officials often disappoint, but America is still the place where the world comes to find freedom and opportunity, and I, for one, will exercise my privilege to cast my vote. Here’s why I vote today:

To honor the lives of the men and women who fought for freedom. People have given everything so I could be free to cast my ballot.

To preserve the opportunities that the huddled masses of immigrants like me have been given over the years.

To make sure my children and their children will be able to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

To say to public servants that what they have done or not done is more important to me than what they have promised.

To live with the knowledge that I stood for my beliefs and didn’t abdicate my privilege.

Before becoming an American I had an opinion but I didn’t have a voice. Today, I speak only as one, but I will speak indeed.

Do you believe your vote really matters?

  • gailbhyatt

    Absolutely. Even when I get disgusted with "politics." I am so utterly grateful to live in a country where we still have the right to vote. And we cannot take that for granted.

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke). We cannot do nothing. It's that simple.

  • barrylandis

    Maurilio, you inspired me to vote this morning. The best line (for me) in your post today? "To say to public servants that what they have done or not done is more important to me than what they have promised". Amen! Thanks Maurilio for reminding us of the awesome privilege it is to be an American citizen and to cast our personal vote!

  • ksernel

    Voting does matter. However, voting is a form of speech and it's only wise to vote if you know what you are voting on. The campaigns to encourage people to vote frustrate me. I want more campaigns to encourage people to be AWARE of issues/concerns facing the nation, their community, and their family. When you become aware of those things, your natural inclination will be to want to vote about them, to express your wisdom to the electorate by casting a vote.

    Anyway, yes, again, voting does matter. But before anyone votes, he/she needs to make sure they understand who and what they are voting for. I guess I liken it to studying for a test in college, and I never went into a test unprepared to answer questions about the topics being covered. Just my controversial two cents, I suppose 🙂

  • Thanks Maurilio – these are compelling reasons. So much better than the rhetoric, "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain" – as if a "right" to complain is compelling reason.

    Thanks again, thank for taking it serious, thanks for choosing this nation to be a part of.

  • Bari Watson

    I enjoy your blog daily, but this message spoke to me in a profound way. Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts about voting!

  • Maurilio,
    Great post.
    I believe we Americans take for granted the freedoms that cost so many their lives.
    Thank you for reminded me in a new way the privilege and responsibility I have to vote.

  • Thanks, Billy.

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