What If We Just Gave and Did not Take for a Day?


If we are honest with ourselves, most of our lives is a series of exchanges.  We work and we expect payment for it. We exercise and we expect better health and a stronger body. We help friends and we expect gratitude and good will back.  We even have this exchange mentality with God: we pray and ask and we expect God to deliver the blessings.

Today I’m challenging  myself  to go through this day without doing the exchange game. Can I go an entire day just being completely altruistic? Probably not. The human condition is far more selfish than any of us realize, but I’m willing to try not entering into an exchange– just be a blessing to someone. Someone who might never be able to give anything back in return.

Can you truly do acts of kindness without any expectations? I hope you’ll join me today and see what happens.

  • Josh Miller

    Thank you for the challenge, I needed it.

  • Chris Johnson

    I'm convicted about the idea that most of my prayers are exchanges with God.

  • I'm sure you're accomplished more than you would had you not been intentional about it. Thanks for stopping by.

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