3 Things You Should Consider When Planning Christmas


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Nearly all churches will have a special Christmas service. However, most will miss out on the opportunity that it offers. In this quick video, I talk about the 3 key considerations for a successful Christmas outreach.

Is your church thinking strategically about your Christmas services? What should you be doing differently?

  • Jeff Lewis

    We would like to promote our January series, but we don't have the budget. What should we do?

    • You should at least mentioned from the stage, have it stated in the bulletin and if you can, have a graphic representation of it so people can get that in their minds. If you can create a video promo in house that could be a good tool.

  • Great 3 points. The reason to come back is HUGE. Love the video.

    • I might do more video blogs, but I need to work on my production team first and decide on who to use for catering. 🙂

  • Great video!

  • Steve Shantz

    I like the shirt!

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  • Collin

    My church does their big production one of the first 2 weeks of December. It usually is just shy of Easter attendance wise. People who only attend Christmas and Easter show up for the production, and then invariably will return for the service Christmas Eve/Weekend. This gives 2 opportunities to reach people instead of one, increasing the chance they will come back in January.

  • Joseph

    You had me at "Baby Jesus on a Zip Line".

    Great points and I really think the last one is the biggest. Give them a reason to come back.

    I will never forget going to a service out of town with family one year and the pastor going off on the congregation for only showing up for Christmas and Easter. The church was full with visitors and I would bet many first time. My first thought was "no way I am coming back" and my second thought was "what an idiot. You had a captive audience of people who are searching for something and you just closed the door in their face"

    Nice piece!

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