Sometimes You Need Off the Bubble


Recently, I have been thinking about the bubble I live in. It’s a very homogeneous existence where I associate mostly with middle age people who look, think and act like me. If I’m not careful, I can find myself trapped in conversation about our latest aches and pains and a boil that needs lancing. Lately I have challenged myself to go beyond my natural “habitat” and discover someone else’s perspective. Life is so much fuller when you get off your bubble.

I have intentionally spent time with young professionals lately and I have truly enjoyed their perspective. One thing that has stood out and resonated with me is what I call the “power of perspective,” or the ability to dream and to believe that such vision can and will come true. I love engaging 20-somethings and watching them approach their careers full of optimism.  Life has not beaten them down yet and they have not exchanged eagerness, passion and energy for cynicism, doubt, and fear.

For some, this young generation is a threat or trouble, at best. Not for me. Being around them energizes me to the point of dusting off dreams I have put up in the attic and getting ready begin to purse them anew. After hanging out with the young, I believe the best is yet to come.

What’s your bubble?

How are you breaking away?

  • Grace Williamson

    You hit a nerve with me. If I'm honest I, too have a pretty small bubble that I'm comfortable with. I might be missing out on a richer life experience because of that.

    Thanks for the thought, Maurilio

  • Marc Smith

    Maurilio, I have some older friends (in their 60s and 70s) and I love to hear their stories. I learn so much from them.

    • Great point. We can learn so much from our older friends. I love the wisdom and life experience of my older friends.

  • Tammy

    Dear, dear….Hmmmm–first—I THINK I'm insulted because I fear that since I am the ONE person that runs with you pretty much 3 to 4 times per week that I am 'that middle-aged person' that you feel 'trapped' within an endless conversation of 'cynicism, doubt, and fear'. 🙂 And P.S. Speaking of wisdom from your older friends… shouldn't it be 'out' of the bubble as opposed to 'off'….I'm just sayin.

    • I can't be trapped when I choose to run with you. So that's that. And you're not the "old friends," either. For the love!!! I thought you're either on the bubble or off the bubble. But I can see the case for "out" as well.

  • It’s always good to get a different perspective. I’ve experienced this recently. I’ve been blessed to be either on a church staff or working for Christians the past 7 years, but now I find myself in a small, secular office. Talk about different perspectives! It’s reminded me how we can be in ministry & get stuck in a church bubble. God has taught me so much already–reminding me He came to save the lost. “The lost” is a phrase we get used to saying, but we can forget it means people. People that are still in sin & darkness, people that may not even be nice to us when we’re trying to reach them! 🙂 Our bubble of comfortable places & people just like us can keep us from many things–new inspirations or fulfilling the Great Commission. Obviously you hit a current chord with me. Thanks for letting me share here! Always love your posts & tweets.


  • Tracy

    I live in two bubbles. One is business, consulting, etc. The other is ministering, discipleship, etc. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to perform in the first bubble without the latter when the client's culture demands a separation of Church and state (i.e. we can talk to sports, health care reform, but no can do on the "Jesus" thing). We are pushing on both bubbles to see what breaks.

  • Good for you Nick. If you can learn from someone else's mistakes, you'll go much further in life. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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