Renewing Creativity


Regardless what we do for a living, creativity is part of our lives on a daily basis. From problem solving, to bringing a vision to reality, to navigating through a busy street, we use creativity to make our existence  fresh everyday.

Last night I watched the Addams Family musical on Broadway. It was a fun and extremely well produced show, but beyond the entertainment value, these types of events renew my creative reservoir. They allow me to see something beautiful that lived in the minds of people before it became something I was able to experience.

I’m thankful to be able to able to visit museums, shows and experience art in order to keep my creative juices flowing.

How do you refill your creative reservoir?

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  • By reading your blog, of course. By reading a well crafted book (currently, Tuesdays with Morrie) Visiting the Frist or another art museum. Listening to live music…if it is good.

    • Tuesdays with Morrie is a great book. Glad you stopped by.

  • Those pics are really good, they make me want to see the show! …

    Music usually gets my creative juices flowing. There are certain songs that come on the radio or that I have on cd that really boost my creativity. I also get lots of idea while I am sitting in church. People probably look at me and think that I am texting but I am actually writing down ideas and thoughts.

    • So that's what you're doing in church! I'll stop judging you now. I took those pics with my iPhone from my seat. As you know, I've been known to take good pics from time to time.

  • jeffreycmiller

    I usually have to pay for creativity

  • Jeffrey, you pay for creativity and you're not even my client. 🙂

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