The Shoe that Spreads the Gospel

I have the best job in the world because I love what I do. I have the privilege to working with people whom I believe in, helping them make a difference in our world. A few months ago I got a call from an old friend who sold his business to start a not-for-profit organization. While watching the heart wrenching footage of the devastating tsunami a couple of years back, Wayne saw a pair of shoes wash ashore. Being in the shoe business, he decided to do something about it and began to put shoes in people’s feet that needed them. In a little over two years, Soles 4 Souls, his ministry, has already given over 2 million pair of shoes worldwide. That’s amazing to me.

Wayne Elsey challenged me to help Soles 4 Souls to develop a product that would impact people all over the world even more and to help S4S partner with churches worldwide. For weeks I wrecked my brain trying to think of what we could do. One day, as I sat at a client’s office,

I saw a copy of the wordless book. It took me back to Brazil when I was first confronted with the gospel. I was 15 years old and someone shared the wordless book with me. For those of you who don’t know, the wordless book teaches the gospel by simply using 5 colors:
  • Dark: reminds us that our hearts are darkened apart from God
  • Red: reminds us that Jesus shed His blood on the cross for our sins
  • White:reminds us that if we accept His sacrifice on the cross, our hearts are cleansed and we are purified
  • Green: reminds us that God wants us to grow in our faith
  • Gold: reminds us of our future home in heaven with God.

5 months later, a lot of work,several prototypes and late night calls to China, The GospelShoe ( is being launched this weekend at the Youth Specialties Convention in Atlanta.
My prayer is that people will not only wear these shoes and share their faith with those who ask about the colors, but that they will donate them to those in need worldwide—soles4souls will distribute the GospelShoe world wide. They have even partnered with mission organizations that work in closed countries where the GospelShoe is a daily reminder that God cares for their physical and spiritual needs.

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