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Comtenporvant and the New Worship Service

As a church consultant, I have resisted the trend to define and template what some call a contemporary worship experience. I’ve had pastors ask me what to sing, what to say and even what to wear–often that turns out to be what NOT to wear.  However, North Point Church did a great job in deconstructing the modern American worship service in this fun and somewhat scary parody. “For some years it has been apparent that the rage for novelties in singing, especially in our Sunday Schools, has been driving out of use the old, precious, standard hymns. They are not memorized as of old. They are scarcely sung at all. They are not even contained in the non-denominational songbooks which in many churches have usurped the place of our hymn books. We cannot afford to lose these old hymns. They are full of the Gospel; they breathe the deepest emotions…

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The Latest Worship Trend

I travel all over the country visiting some of the most innovative churches around. It’s rare when I run into an experience that touches me deeply, and I recognize it as the latest trend that will sweep the country. It looks like the Worship Team from Faith Community Church is on to something big. < p/ center>

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