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What Should You Wear? A Man’s Guide to Looking Your Best

“I want to look better.  What should I wear?” I get that question all the time. My answer, however, might surprise you. I don’t point people towards a store, a brand, or even a personal stylist. Before you buy the latest edition of GQ for fashion advice, consider the following: You have to “feel” good before you can “look” good. Your outlook and attitude have more impact on the way you look than what you’re wearing. You can dress up in the most expensive designer suit, but if you’re a miserable, unhappy person, you’ll still come across as, well, a miserable and unhappy guy with nice clothes on. All about the fit. Beyond style, well-fitting clothes will make you look your best. I cannot tell you how much better a man looks wearing clothing that fit, instead of over-sized shirts and ill-fitting pants. I wrote more about it here.  This…

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What Not to Wear. A Fashion Guide for Guys Everywhere.

Whether you’re a CEO looking at your wardrobe choices, a hipster wannabe pastor in search of cool threads, or a professional considering a look update, choosing what to wear can be daunting and, yes, even dangerous. I often get the question “what type of clothing should I buy, or what should I avoid?”  But while my teenage son might disagree with my fashion-forward mindset, I have learned some universal dos and don’ts when it comes to men’s fashion. Here’s my best attempt at helping guys avoid looking like dorks.   If you keep the following rules, you should be OK. Break them, and you’re on your own. The Do-I-look-Stupid? Rule. If you have to ask it, don’t buy it and by all means don’t wear it. Don’t ever decide to wear something because you think that it will make you more relevant or “hip.” That usually backfires. I have seen…

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What to Wear: New Job Edition

A new job comes with new opportunities, challenges and, most likely, a new dress code. A friend asked me this week “I need new clothes for my new job, but I have no idea what to wear.” There are a lot of pressures about starting a new position and your wardrobe should not be one of them. Guys, here are a few guidelines to help you look your best in your new job. (I’m linking each main point to some of my previous Fashion Friday post of relevance for more in depth information).   Ask. Don’t interpret. Business, business casual, casual, Friday casual, west coast casual, east coast casual are all subjective to interpretation down to the part of town you’ll be working. I have seen branches of the same company in the same city have different dress codes because of the area of town they were located. So don’t…

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