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A Giving Perspective

Ti’s the season for giving. There’s no question about it. My good friend  Sal Sberna raised 1.4 million at last weekend’s mission offering at his 4,000-member church in Houston, TX.  A lot of non profits depend on  December’s giving in order to survive the rest of the year. But no matter how often we give, there’s always the nagging question that seem to pop in the back of our minds: what if they misuse my money? What if instead of missions, my money goes to buy the pastor a new boat? Should the risk of my money being misused stop me from giving? The answer is a resounding “NO.” Most of us know not to give to churches, ministries or solicitors that are not familiar to us. At least I hope you don’t. Unfortunately, there are too many shysters who pray on gracious people, specially the elderly.  But if you’re…

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