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Are You Ready for Cuffs, High Waters and No Socks?

I remember wearing penny loafers with no socks sometime in the late 80’s. J.Crew. is bringing that look back and has added a new twist: the folded cuff to both jeans and khakis. While this style is not for every one, it can be a playful and somewhat dressy with some even folding their suit pant. One interesting trend that’s coming back along with the folded cuff is the higher hem with no break at the shoe line, or “high waters” if you prefer. Take a look: Guys what do you think? Would you feel comfortable wearing cuffed khakis with no socks? Ladies, do you think your man would wear this look?

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Product + Experience = Power Brand. The Imogene+Willie Jeans Story

This is a Fashion Friday Mashup. It’s as much about a fashion trend as it is about how to create a brand and a customer experience that matches the brand promise. This week I bought my first pair of Imogene + Willie Jeans after my friend Zach Sutton showed up in church wearing a pair and sent me to their website. You probably have never heard of them. You will. This is a husband and wife team, Carry and Matt Eddmenson who have created not only a business, but a story, an experience and a product that embodies both. The cornerstone of Imogene + Willie Jeans is their unwashed jeans you have to break in over several wears. They suggest you only wash them every six months and even then do it gently. I’m breaking in my pair as I write this post. The jeans is simple without embroidery, holes,…

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