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Before You Name or Rename Your Church

A lot goes in a name. And a whole lot goes into naming or re-naming a church. I remember when my friend Frank Santora from Danbury, CT, renamed his church. They went from Bright Clouds Ministries (not an Indian reservation) to Faith Church. Well that was a big win for them. I don’t think anyone in congregation complained; again, why would they? One of the frequent questions I get from church leaders has to do with their church’s name. But before you go out  and change your congregation’s name, here are a few thoughts to consider: Make sure you have a compelling reason to change the name. Name changes are traumatic. The older the congregation, the more emotional equity a name has. For example, it doesn’t make sense to be “Hunter Street Baptist Church” if you’re moving to Michigan Avenue. A name change is warranted here, or if your church…

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Bad Church Names

All the great posts I had planned for this week didn’t happen, so I’m posting my Friday mindless post. As a branding professional, I’m often asked to help name new churches or help churches change their names. So here’s a collection of unusual church names  I would not be so flippant with God’s name But What Are You?  If you’re tired of the exciting church, this is your option.  If your blood pressure can’t handle this much excitement, then visit the Boring UMC Everything worth doing is worth doing, well, half way. I guess that includes churches.  What’s the most unusual church name you’ve visited or driven by? 

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