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How Good Should We Smell at Work?

For this edition of the Fashion Friday post, I’m tackling a very sensitive issue that I often get asked about. While my own policy might not be popular, I think it’s the right one. So what’s the place of cologne or perfume in the workplace? How much or how little should you wear to work? Before I answer that, here are a few thoughts to consider: Cologne or perfume smells different on each person depending one’s our body chemistry. What smells like lavender fields on you might smell like a can of  sardines on me. Well, not really, but you get the point. The more you wear it, the less you smell it. That’s a tough one to balance. Like most chemicals, perfume dulls your senses. In other words, the more you use it, the less you smell it. However, the rest of us can smell it whether or not…

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