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More Bad Church Signs

I’m sure whoever created these church signs had good intentions. But as you and I know, intentions aren’t the only thing that count. Instead of something profound and inspiring, why not start the week with the  mindless and fun instead?  I present to you really, really bad church signs. If one of these happens to be your church, thank you for the smiles and call my office. Methinks I’ve heard him preach. And they’re not kidding! I’m confused. I’m seeking God at the eleventh hour but I died at 10:30. So the eleventh hour is really 10:15? Is this a plot from the movie “Inception?” Our Pastor is really boring, but check our communion wine! Score. Church people can kill you way faster than worry. Trust me, I know. At least they didn’t call people some other kind of bag. What’s the worst church sign you’ve ever seen? 

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