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How to Buy Designer Clothes on a Budget

The retail price is never final. I learned that lesson early in life from my father who is a master bargainer. But I didn’t know that I could take my third world bargaining skills into the heart of the first world fashion district in Manhattan. This is a fashion post, sort of. I hear from guys or their wives who want to buy a designer jacket or suit but don’t have the budget to afford it. Here are a few tips to get you into the nicer clothes you thought you could not afford. Set your budget before going shopping. Much like buying a car or something expensive, you can get caught “in the moment” and end up spending your children’s college fund in new clothes. It’s easy to do. Don’t ask me how I know it. Find a locally owned high-end store. The reason I prefer to shop in…

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Fall to Winter Looks for Guys

Some of you have asked me lately what are some looks that can easily transition from Fall to Winter. I have put together options that would work for most men and are not too “out there.” While these are expensive name brands, you can find similar options most any place. Just take the inspiration from the designers and go hunt for a bargain. If you look hard, you’d be surprise of the stuff you can find at places like T.J.Maxx and Stein Mart.   What’s your favorite look in this collection?

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Looking Sharp in a Vest

For today’s Fashion Friday we are talking about a trend in men’s fashion that has made a strong come back in the past few years: the vest. The suit vest has some very distinct characteristics.  For one, vests, are almost always full back, unlike the standard tuxedo vest which has an open back design.  They also have two main style options, being buttons and pockets.  They can come with as few as three buttons to as many as nine, although the standard for a men’s suit vest is five or six.  And also pockets, which can come in a rounded style or as welt pockets, which only show a fold of fabric at the opening. You should never button the last button on a vest, sometimes you might opt to not button the last two, even if it’s casual wear. The vest should fit snug but not so tight that…

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The Return of the Double Breasted Jacket

The double-breasted jacket has come back in a big way this year. It’s not the same version of the 1930s gangsta look or the 1980s resurgence with big lapels, extra thick shoulders pads and brass buttons. Labels are keeping it youthful and fun but making it more fitted, softer lines around the shoulders and using interesting fabrics. The fun part comes from paring unconventional shoes, no socks and bright colors. Some of you might feel the urge to reach way back into your closet and pull out your “vintage” double breasted jacket. Before you risk it, take a look at these new Fall and even Spring releases. If you are still not sure, ask your wife, girlfriend, mother, uh, not your mother, she thinks you look great in anything. What’s your take on the new double breasted jacket resurgence?

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The Rise of the Embroidered Pants

One of the most conservative men’s clothing brands is selling some of the most outrageous slacks in the marketplace. We all expect leather pants from Dolce and Gabbana or skinny jeans from Diesel, but these pants are coming from Brooks Brothers. Who knew?! What’s your take on the embroidered pants? Guys would you wear them? Ladies, would you buy them for your guy?

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Summer Essentials: The Hybrid Boardshorts

Every man needs a good bathing suit, especially during the summer. And if you’re at the pool, lake or beach you’re always having to change into something nicer to go to a restaurant or a walk down the street. In my mind, exchanging my boardshorts for dress shorts means I’m done having fun in the water. Now, thanks to the new hybrid boardshorts, I don’t have to change from bathing suit to street wear. While boardshorts have been a staple in men’s wear for several years and have grown in popularity, they still most worn around water. There are exceptions to the rule however, like my friend Christian, who wears them as his workout shorts. While he can pull off the boardshorts-outside-the-pool look, most guys can’t. We’d just look goofy. But then enter O’Neill to the rescue. The hybrid boardshorts are just what the name claims: a bathing suit that…

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Summer Essentials: Sunglasses

No summer wardrobe is fully complete without the perfect pair of sunglasses. Guys, the good news it that there are a lot of different styles that you could wear that are in vogue these days. There’s a resurgence for the third time of the RayBan’s Wayfarer as well as strong come back of the Aviator. But before you choose you frame, here’s a few things to consider: If you have a long face you should stay away from “droopy” frames and go with something of a more horizontal nature. While the Aviator might be making a come back, it might not be a come back for you. If you have a large head beware of frames that are too small for you. They will make your head look even bigger. If your face is round stay away from round frames. You’ll accentuate your “roundness” and will end up looking like…

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The Right Stripe For Your Body Type

Stripes have been a staple in men’s wear for decades. We wear them in suits, shirts, pants, shorts and even undergarments. But not all stripes are created equal. You should know what type of stripe works best for you and why. I see a lot of guys wearing vertical stripes when they should be wearing horizontal. Yes, there is a difference. Here’s a simple guide for guys, it works for gals as well, on how to wear stripes: Horizontal: if you are thin, or tall and want to look wider, horizontal stripes are your friend. Slender, tall frames usually look their best with a wide horizontal stripped shirts. If you are heavy or have short legs, horizontal stripes usually make you look bigger and stubbier. Big or broad guys with short legs should stay away from them. Vertical: If you are short and/or heavy, vertical stripes are good for you.…

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White Belt: A Guys’ Guide for Wearing it Well

The white belt has been a men’s fashion accessory for a long time. In the past, it has been paired exclusively with summer white linen pants or shorts and white shoes. However, in the recent years, it has become a trend in men’s fashion beyond polo matches or resort wear. Unfortunately some guys are violating the white belt rules. Here’s some rules to keep in mind: 1.     No white belt with black shoes 2.     No white belt with pleats (no pleats…period) 3.     No white belt with black plants 4.     No white belt if your belly covers the buckle How do you feel about the white belt?

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Austrian Traditional Jacket Migrates to Tennessee

While in Vienna last week, I couldn’t help notice the traditional Austrian Loden jacket, sometimes called a tracht coat. It’s popular in Bavaria and Austria and has been around for centuries. The coat is often made of wool, where the fibers are boiled than pressed and become water repellent called Loden wool. These days it is blended with alpaca, mohair, camel or cashmere. Loden is traditionally of dark green color with a laid down and pressed pile finish. I really liked the six buttons on the front and the streamlined collar, or, as some refer to it, “collarless.” I went ahead and bought one for the Fall. I chose the traditional navy Loden wool and cashmere with brass buttons–a thing of beauty if I say so myself.  I hate to have to wait several months before I get to wear mine, but since these jackets have been around for hundreds…

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