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Should Men Color Their Hair?

Men and hair coloring have been taboo subjects. For some the conversation is just as “off the table” as the “don’t ask, don’t tell” gay policy for the military. But regardless of its status, men’s home hair coloring business is booming. According to industry experts, it grew by over 10% during 2010. Men, gray hair can make you look distinguished or it can make you look old and tired. Sometimes it lends credibility and other time it lands you a date at the retirement home for a 4 p.m. dinner.  I know guys who gray prematurely and find themselves mostly gray in their mid 30’s, and I also know guys in their late 40’s that have not shown any signs of graying–not fair, but true. Whatever you decide to do about it, you should feel comfortable with the decision. Recently, Patrick Dempsey became the face of L’oreal’s new men’s home…

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