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The Difference Between TV and Real Life Courtroom or My Day as a Juror-Wanna-Be

This was my first day ever to be called for the dreaded, or loved, jury duty. It was something I hoped to escape altogether, but with only two days left in my window of service, I got called in. Being a product of our popular culture, I envisioned my experience as a juror playing out much like a scened from popular shows like Law & Order, Bones or CSI. Some of you followed my tweets (learn more about Twitter from fellow blogger and Twitter Master Mike Hyatt here) during my illegal postings from the courtroom throughout the morning. Here’s 6 ways real life courtroom is different from your favorite tv courtroom. No musical score. I’m not just talking about the high-energy, fast-beat fare heard in “Boston Legal” episodes. There’s no music, no sound, no nothing. We just sat in this cold room with no ambient noise. Musak would’ve been awesome.…

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