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Becoming a Good Consultant: How to Get There

“I would like to become a consultant. How do I get there?” I get that question quite often. While the answer might not be a simple one, I can tell you it’s more than the proverbial “guy with a PowerPoint presentation from out of town.”¬† While there’s no ultimate consultant’s manual, here are guidelines I have followed in consulting that have served me well : You must genuinely like people, or you’ll hate consulting. Know your stuff. People’s future depends on that. Listen more than you talk. You first priority is to solve a problem, not to sell a product. You must understand the pain of the leader¬† before you can help him fix the organization. Be truthful, be firm, but be kind. Some people respond to the potential loss they want to avoid, others to the opportunity they can seize. You better know which one you’re talking to. You…

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