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Dealing with Difficult Clients Part II: The Cheapskate

Dealing with difficult people is not an option; it’s a human dynamic we all face, sometimes daily. Next in this series, I want to address a type we all deal with, especially in lean times: the cheapskate client. There is a big difference between being frugal and being cheap. Frugal people: Maximize resources Optimizes opportunities Value quality Understand priorities Not afraid of spending on the right tools and opportunities Cheap people: cut corners to save a little sacrifice outcome or quality for the bottom-price deal do not value quality under-resource their organization see where they can save but seldom what they can gain Early in my career as a creative director/designer, I was hired by a former college teacher who was cheap…very cheap. I should have known my challenge when he hired me to develop a book cover. I remember seeing him buy a small soft drink with no ice…

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