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Runner Encouragement

Yesterday I ran alone. Saturdays are my long runs and I’m thankful for a group of friends that keep me accountable and entertained, but no one was running, so I went solo.  I started late and wasn’t particularly happy about being alone until I ran into a large running group from Fleet Feet. The route of the large marathon training group was opposite to mine so I went by what seem to be hundreds of runners for the first 4 miles of my run. The runners up front were focused on their fast pace with perfect form and determination on their faces. Knowing runners’ etiquette, I smiled and waved as I passed by. Once I turned the corner, I realized that this was a very large group, and that I would be smiling and waving a whole lot. But then it hit me: “I’ll smile and encourage these guys on.…

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Even Runners Need Etiquette

Saturday mornings I do my long run with a group of runners. We meet at the Gates of Percy Warner park in Nashville, TN. Percy and Edwin Warner parks feature 2,684 acres of some of the most beautiful woods in Tennessee. Lot’s of runners make these parks their favorite running grounds along with my running group. I’ve noticed a trend lately that has me a bit miffed. Runners who are coming opposite side from our group who look us in the eye but won’t acknowledge our gregarious “good morning,” or a friendly smile followed by a wave if the runner has ear plugs in. That’s just plain rude. I haven’t seen a guide for runner etiquette but I’m sure there’s one somewhere. Here’s a few rules that should be in it: 1. If you make eye contact with another runner, smile or wave or say hello or maybe do all…

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