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Bad Church Signs Get Their Own Music Video

I love church signs. As a matter of fact I have shared a few posts worth of some of my favorite signs over the years. But this video is simply brilliant. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. What’s the funniest or most inappropriate church sign you’ve seen recently?

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32 Reasons to have a Mobile Marketing Strategy

While one of two reasons should be enough for us to pay attention to our mobile marketing, here are 32 reasons to have a mobile marketing strategy:   1. In 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage 2. Adults spend more time on mobile media than they do on newspapers and magazines combined 3. 91% of adults have their mobile phone within arm’s reach 24/7 4. 81% of U.S. cell users will have smartphones by 2015 5. 75% of mobile users use their mobile device for shopping 6. The global mobile market will grow from $3.4 billion in 2010, to $22 billion in 2016 7. Close to a billion smartphones were sold in 2013 8. 53% of American consumers use their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day 9. Four out of five consumers use smartphones to shop 10. Over 75% of mobile users respond…

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