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What Should You Do Next?

Somedays I walk into a new week with purpose, a long “to do” list and begin to knock it out. But then there are days like today. I’m sluggish, a bit unfocused, didn’t plan the week well, and I’m not sure what to tackle first. In these unplanned moments, my reaction is to find the busy work that will inevitably appear out of nowhere and fill my entire day and do that. But instead, I decided to stop and ask the one question I should ask myself most days: What should I do for my business that only I can do? I’ve been asking that questions for years now and because of it, I have stopped doing a lot of things, such as fixing copiers, designing brochures, writing checks, troubleshooting IT problems and a number of other important things that other people can do, often much better than me, and…

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My First Wedding Video Shot With My iPhone4

I’m in Brazil for a few days with my family as well as attending my brother’s wedding. I forgot to take my Flip video camera to the wedding, but I realized my new iPhone 4 shot video (my old 3G phone was not video enabled). Armed with only my iPhone, I took footage and pictures of the wedding and put together a quick video. In this short video you’ll see family, young and old, having a good time–a very good time indeed. And true to Brazilian form, when two or three are gather together, there shall be a celebration. Is your family loud? How do you describe your get togethers? Mine are extremely gregarious to the point of being obnoxious and scaring reserved people like Canadians.

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