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Traveling Well: Tips from a Weary Traveler

I travel a lot. A whole lot. Until recently most of my travel has been within the US but this year I have been all over the globe. Right now I’m writing this post somewhere over Russia. There’s an art to traveling well, even if you can’t go first or business class as is my case right now. Here’s a few thoughts on the art of travel.  Book an exit row or bulk head  seat (some airlines charge extra for those seats). The extra leg room is really helpful on a long flight.    Board as early as possible.  Boarding early secures you the overhead bin near you. They fill up quickly specially on overseas flights.     Dress for comfort. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and specially footwear since your feet will swell up during long flights.     Wear dark colors. You never know when you or someone next…

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Global Outreach and the New Technology Frontier

I have spent the last few days in Singapore listening to reports from around Asia on TWR‘s outreach efforts. There’s an amazing amount of work being done in this region of the globe for the advancement of the gospel including work in closed countries like North Korea, Myanmar and China. TWR is the largest Christian Broadcaster in the world reaching out to over 200 languages in some 160 countries through radio waves, television, print and internet. It’s truly an amazing organization. As I sat with leaders of 12 different countries/regions one common theme began to appear: mobile is our new frontier. TWR Partners of 12 different countries in Asia While radio is still the only way to reach millions in some cultures, mobile phones now make up the fastest growing communication device in the world. Even remote places in India and Africa now have affordable cell service with data plans.…

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Travel Log: Singapore. Hot, Humid and Fun

Singapore is a long way from my home in Tennessee. A very long way. After traveling more than 26 hours, I finally got here. Here’s some random thoughts and pictures. The Singapore airport and customs rocks. Clean, bright, spacious and fast. Everything you want in an airport. What a great first impression. Clean. Clean. Clean. I’ve never been in city of this size and seen anything this clean before.  Lush landscape everywhere. Even the streets have beautifully and meticulously kept ornamental plants.  No old cars. I haven’t seen one beat-up truck or rusted out car. And since this is a sea city in the tropics, rust would have to be an issue, but I haven’t seen one.  Booming economy. There’s construction everywhere. Big projects around the water and residential areas give you the impression the global recession hasn’t hit Singapore hard.  Bring your own napkin. For all its wonderful qualities,…

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Bad Church Names

All the great posts I had planned for this week didn’t happen, so I’m posting my Friday mindless post. As a branding professional, I’m often asked to help name new churches or help churches change their names. So here’s a collection of unusual church names  I would not be so flippant with God’s name But What Are You?  If you’re tired of the exciting church, this is your option.  If your blood pressure can’t handle this much excitement, then visit the Boring UMC Everything worth doing is worth doing, well, half way. I guess that includes churches.  What’s the most unusual church name you’ve visited or driven by? 

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