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In Need of New Language

Half-way through a great Sunday morning service at The Life Church of Memphis, it hit me: they need new language to help define their uniqueness both theologically as well experientially. And then I realized that there are potentially hundreds of churches in America in the same place. They need a new expression to help shape their movement and give them new context in American Christianity. Not long ago the term “spirit-filled” evoked images of people falling down, speaking in tongues and, yes, even “barking in the Spirit.” Some of the neo Charismatic churches that still believe in the demonstrative gifts of the spirit on an individual level but not as much corporately are still using this outdated phrase to define themselves. That’s a problem. Those who are looking for the old school spirit-filled experience will be disappointed with the lack of, what I call, chaos in the neo charismatic services…

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Selling and the Gospel

“I like you. How can we work together?” I remember hearing that from a person who barely knew me at the time and today is a client, and, more importantly, a friend. We all buy services and products, but we often buy them from some one, and the nature of sales has more to do with the salesperson than it does with the buyer. Great salespeople can sell most anything. In my experience, people want to buy from those whom they like. All things being equal, I want to buy from someone I relate to and trust. I might even be willing to pay a premium for good service and a smile. Just ask the girl at the sun glass store where I bought a new pair of expensive glasses after she convinced me it made me look younger. (Ok, I was grasping for a reason and the phrase “they…

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Art for Art’s Sake

So art is subjective and it’s supposed to evoke feelings, thoughts, or just a simple “hey, this is not the ordinary, so look at me” type of reaction. This slide show is of some of the most unusual sculptures from around the world. I haven’t decided on a favorite, but I’m pretty sure it’s not the big thumb from Paris. Ah, the French should stick with food.

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