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Vacation Log: My Day at the Water Park

The Big Kahuna’s Water Park is a vacation tradition for the boys. We must spend at least one day of our week-long vacation there. This year is no exception. I love the water park rides as well as the sea of humanity that shows up there. At Big Kahuna you’re sure to encounter anything and everything. But I’m always aware I’m no where near Brazil for several reasons. I was reminded I was not in South America by the generous amount of material on women’s bathing suits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful that the Brazilian dental floss bikini (now that’s a mental picture for ya–and no I’m not posting a pic) has not made its way into the American beaches and water parks. The thought of seeing the women I saw today wearing the dental floss is pretty upsetting. But I’m also thankful for the men’s long shorts in…

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Vacation Log: Captain Schedule Takes a Break

I’m on vacation this week. Vacations are weird things for me, since I’m so structured in my daily regimen that vacations are interruptions of my schedule. I’m not complaining, however, it’s just the way it is. My friends and family call me “captain schedule” for my seemingly obsession with “redeeming the time.” I must confess I have gone overboard in the past. A few years ago I bought a software package that allowed me to customize our Disney World experience based on the age of our children, our food tastes and the best time to reach the rides and restaurants that we liked. I had a print out every day with a timeline for our park experience. I thought it was great; my family not so much. This week I have decided not to have a schedule–well not a hard one. So far I have done well. The only thing…

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Is the Creative Team Killing Good Preaching?

In the past few days I have heard from three different pastors the same story: my creative team has asked me to do something I’m not comfortable doing. One group had the Pastor repelling down from the rafters in a harness before delivering the sermon. But no matter the request, each of the men I talked with ended up arriving at the same conclusion: ultimately it’s not the creative team that has to preach this message, I am, and I’m not comfortable doing what they have asked me to do or say. Before you accuse me of being old school and not wanting to try new things, let me tell you I value creativity. My dad is an artist and I grew up in my parents’ art gallery. The A Group, a business I own, is built on creativity and filled with creatives. And beyond all of that, I consult…

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Top Twitter Cartoons

I have been on Twitter for over an year now. I lost count of the number of times I have described it to people who look at me like I was completely insane. I love Twitter and I’ll be writing about it more shortly. For now, let’s just celebrate the best Twitter cartoons that have capture the best and worst of this micro blogging tool that has taken our planet by storm. Top 25 Twitter Cartoons .

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Google Wave to Change the Way We Communicate

Google has changed the way we catalog and access information. Now the geniuses are out to redefine and change the way we communicate. Google Wave is schedule to come out later this year, and if it is successful it will kill email as we know it. This is a long presentation, but it’s worth your time to see how Wave might change the way we communicate. How quick are you to adopt a new communication platform?

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